Ethan Beazley Photography | Congrats Steph and Krys!

Congrats Steph and Krys!

February 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This couple was a delight to work with at both their engagement session and their wedding. They held their wedding at the beautiful Secret Gardens in South Phoenix. Between the beautiful vows spoken at their ceremony to the rambunctious reception, I hope you enjoy these photos.


As always, heres a song to listen to as you view the photos.


The Bride.

Photographer's Note: 50mm F1.2 Natural Light. Shooting with window lighting can be pretty tough for a number of reasons. Sometimes with the subject to heavily silhouetted it can make focusing a bit of a pain. Also, It brings in the old debate of flash? or no flash? Sure I could have added flash and I would have gotten a "technically" better photo but I have found that more often than you would think, it is better to just go with your gut rather than conventional wisdom. If I had brought in flash, it wouldnt have made the natural light nearly as prominent. 

The Bride.

Photographer's Note: 50mm F1.2L Natural light. Yeah I know what you are thinking, "You should have added flash so the photo wouldnt be so dark" Well, you know what I think? I think the wedding industry is far too over saturated with the bright soft look. That isnt what it looked like in this room, So why fake it?


Here comes the bride. How amazing is Krys's reaction to seeing steph for the first time in her dress?!

Photographer's Note: Tamron 70-200 F2.8. Natural Light. When you are shooting the ceremony it is really important to have a lens that zooms. While I do prefer the look of a prime lens, sometimes you have to have the versatility of zoom.

The ceremony.

Photographer's Note: Tamron 70-200mm F2.8. Natural Light.


Sun Kissed.

Photographer's Note: Tamron 70-200mm F2.8 Natual Light.



Photographer's Note: 50mm Natural light.

The Bridal Party.

Photographer's Note: 50mm Natural Light.


The Brides

Photographer's Note: 50mm Natural light.


The First Dance.

Photographer's Note: 50mm F1.2 Speedlite bounced off the ceiling.



Photographer's Note: Tamron 70-200m F2.8. Alienbee B800 in oppositte corners bounced off the walls. 7" Reflector mounted on each. 

The Toss.

Photographer's Note: 50mm F1.2L Speedlite bounced off the ceiling. I chose a slow shutter of 1/30th of a second for two reasons. Mainly so I could pan and get that motion blur but also to bring in all the ambient light and get everything from the background out.


Photographer's Note: 50mm F1.2L Speedlite bounced off the ceiling.




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