Ethan Beazley Photography | Congrats Jeff and Brenna!

Congrats Jeff and Brenna!

February 11, 2016  •  2 Comments


I met Jeff and Brenna when they hired me for their engagement session at the Botanical Gardens. I really enjoyed their wedding at the beautiful Superstition Manor. 


As always, heres a song to play as you view the photos. 


The Dress.

Photographer's Note: Canon 5d Mark II with a Canon 17-40mm F4L. Natural Light. The only source of light came from the windows. The lighting was soft but still dramatic so I saw no need to add more light.


The First Look. Gotta love Jeff's reaction.

Photographer's Note: Canon 5D Mark II with a Canon 50mm F1.2L Natural Light from the windows and ceiling lights.


And it begins.

Photographer's Note: 50mm F1.2L Natural Light. I got real lucky with the overcast. 

Bridesmaids. I love that they were holding hands during the vows.

Photographer's Note: Tamron 70-200 F2.8 Natural Light

First kiss at the base of the Superstition Mountains

Photographer's Note: Tamron 70-200mm F2.8. I cranked my aperture down to f6.3 to get more detail in the mountains. I know its not a lot at all but at f2.8 the mountains were just a creamy blurry mess.

The Bridal Party. 

Photographer's Note: Canon 17-40 F4L this was a big bridal party but it was made easy work with this lens. Natural light. Gotta love those overcast days. Its not that I dont like using my alienbees, its just that after shooting so many weddings, you realize how much of a hassle and how much time it can take setting them up. If natural light is working then why mess with it?

Grandma Ragin'

Photographer's Note: Canon 17-40 F4L with a speedlite bounced off the ceiling. I shot this at a really high ISO and a slower shutter to bring in as much ambient as I could. 

Best Man's Speech

Photographer's Note: Canon 50mm F1.2L with a speedlite bounced off the ceiling 

Garter toss.

Photographer's Note: Canon 50mm F1.2L. Speedlite off the ceiling.


Photographer's Note: I know this isnt as sharp as it should be but I still like it. Sometimes a photo doesnt need technical perfection to be a good photograph.

Always a Bridesmaid.

Photographer's Note: 50mm F1.2L speedlite off the ceiling. 

You should probably be able to figure out whats going on here. This is supposed to be the garter toss.

Photographer's Note: you already know. 

Groom's speech.

Photographer's Note: 50mm speedlite off the ceiling. shot at f2

This guy.

Photographer's Note: 50mm natural light. (My second shooter, Luigi, took this.)

Sparklers. You never realize how drunk a group of people are until you put fireworks in their hands and tell them to line up....

Photographer's Note: Canon 50mm F1.2L shot at F2. Speedlite on camera through a softbox. ISO 2000. Shutter 1/30. Bracketed two stops under exosed. Brought in the light on the bride and groom in post.


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You both look amazing...Happy for you you always mom
Jeff novello(non-registered)
I love the Pic that Says "Always a Bridesmaid." Hahahahahahaha. SO TRUE!!!! LMAO
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