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Tips For Aspiring Wedding Photographers

January 04, 2016  •  1 Comment

Considering a career in Wedding Photography? Not long ago, weddings were kind of the black sheep of the photography community. It was always kind of meant on camera direct flash and cheesy posing. Today the industry is changed. Now, it is about being striking and unique. Aside from the typical "You need to be unique blah blah blah", here is an article with practical and important advice to anyone considering becoming a wedding photographer. I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below.

Tips on becoming a Wedding Photographer:


1. Know your equipment: This is the big one. It is one thing to look down at your camera and not have the results you want but its a whole different issue to not know why. Im not talking about knowing how to change the ISO or even what the custom functions do. Im talking about what your lenses are capable of. How to work your speedlites or strobes. How to sync everything. A major aspect of being a wedding photographer is having to work quickly and improvise. If you don't know how to do that, you will find yourself in a world of stress.

2. Look at other photographer's work: This part can really apply to any photographer. When you are getting in to the industry, the easiest way to see what clients are looking for is by finding what other photographers are offering. Do your research. Learn how other photographers are lighting a scene or how they pack their equipment.

3. Second Shoot for someone: This can be extremely helpful. Now, as a second shooter, you are not "shadowing" the primary photographer, you are actually there to work and fill in the gaps that they cant capture. Watch how the photographer shoots but also pay close attention to how they interact with their clients. Second shooting is also a great opportunity for those of you who are tentative about shooting weddings. You could pick up a second shooting gig at a week's notice whereas, if you are the primary shooter, you will likely get booked a year in advance. At that point, there is no turning back. 

4. Clothes: Yeah I know, this one seems silly to include but trust me, this makes a big impact on your experience. Dress up as nice as you possibly can without giving up on comfort. The big one is getting comfortable shoes. It will blow your mind how much running around you will do on the wedding day. Cheap shoes are going to leave you so sore that you may never want to do it again. Oh yeah, and wear a tie. Nothing is more tacky than a dress shirt tucked in without a tie. 

5. Backup Camera Body: This is equally as important as #1. You never know what is going to happen at a wedding. (I caught on fire once. Dead serious). Anything can happen, you could have your camera bumped out of your hands or something could get spilled on it. Be prepared. Your backup body doesnt have to be as good as the primary body as long as if it had to, it could get the job done. 

6. If you don't know how to use flash, LEARN: Sure, natural light is cool and all but you will rarely have the luxury of perfect lighting all day long. Your lighting can be simple speedlites on camera bounced off of walls and ceilings or strobes with softboxes and stuff. Point is, even if you are big on natural light, be prepared to use flashes if you have to. 


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