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Congrats Josh and Mandy!

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This wedding will always be a special one. I actually went to high school with Mandy. I was in town in July of 2014 to attend a wedding and while I was in town, Mandy and Josh reached out to me about an engagement session. Keep in mind. In July of 2014 was really RIGHT when I chose to start shooting weddings. This week, I shot their wedding. Crazy how time flies. I am so grateful to these two for playing a roll in my first year shooting weddings.


Getting ready. Rise and SHINE! its the big day. 

Photographer's Note: Shot with my favorite lens (Canon 50mm F1.2L) The light was perfect for this since there were so many windows all of the natural light kind of enveloped the room. 


Details. I probably wont be including a whole lot of detail shots in these blog posts. That being said, how cool are these floors?! haha. Josh and Mandy just purchased their first home together. (CONGRATULATIONS)

Photographer's Note: Shot with my 50mm. Man.. I really cant stress enough how much this lens rules. I chose this location because the floor really fit with the flowers and the shoes.


Waiting. There was this really cool little barn that overlooked this pond. This location ended up playing a major roll in the wedding as we did the first look as well as a lot of the bridals here. 

Photographer's Note: I really need to start posting photos taken with a different lens. Anyways, natural light. This is Ohio where its always atleast a little bit cloudy. We also had a lot of tree cover. No need to start throwing flashes in the mix. I dont usually shoot down and at someones back like this but I wanted to portray a sense of waiting and anticipation. I mean wedding photography is all about story telling right?


The main event. I loved this location. The ceremony was really beautiful and intimate.

Photographer's Note: Yeah... I know. Same lens. AGAIN. I would usually shoot the ceremony with a telephoto lens but it was a tight space and it was really dark in here. I didnt want to throw a flash in because I really like the mood that this set with how reflective the hard wood floors were.


Intimacy. I did some light posing and they did the rest. 

Photographer's Note: Woah. DIFFERENT LENS ALERT. I shot this with my Tamron 70-200 F2.8. I placed them under this little structure and I ended up liking the blown out background so I stuck with the natural light.


Cake cutting. They cut the cake and as they served the pieces to eachother it didnt seem like she was going to smash it in his face until the last possible moment. 

Photographer's Note: 50mm with a speedlite on camera bounced off the ceiling. I had it set to its lowest power so that I could shoot at F1.2 and maintain that insane depth. BOKEH!


Grand Farewell. Congrats you two.

Photographer's Note: I actually did this pretty basic. I had them walk down the steps and there was a big flood light beaming down from there so I just handheld a speedlite and aimed it directly at them. 


Thank you for reading. Im excited to share more of these with you.


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