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Congrats Jessie and Ryan!

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Hello everyone!


So with this new season I will be doing some things a little differently. One of those things is blogging every wedding. In these posts I will be posting my favorite parts of each wedding. This first wedding is from Ryan and Jessie's beautiful book themed wedding in Mesa. 




The kiss! The venue for this wedding was beautiful! I really loved all of the trees that were all lit up along the aisle. 

Photographer's Note: The venue was dark. Really dark. But, to make things even more difficult, there were tungsten chandeliers and very very blue christmas lights on the trees. White balancing was tough so I had to make a lot of temp adjustments in RAW. The reason I shot from this perspective should be pretty obvious.... BOKEH! This photo was shot with my Canon 50mm F1.2 (BEAST OF A LENS) mounted on my Canon 5D Mark II. (No flash was used because I wanted to maintain as much ambient light as I could in this small room with low ceiling)




I always love shooting the first dance. Its a beautiful moment that is often filled with laughs AND tears. 

Photographer's Note: These reception photos have actually become more stress-free now that I have implemented the use of studio strobes. I had two Alienbee B800's set high and directed right at the walls in opposite corners. I was able to pull this shot off at 1/100, F2, ISO 200. This was again shot with my 50mm F1.2.



The Bouquet Toss. I love the sense of movement in this photo. Everything from the flow of her dress to all of the ladies in the back with their hands up. I was pretty excited to see where I froze the bouquet!

Photographer's Note: No change here in the lighting. I usually shoot the whole reception like this because I can get guaranteed results all night while I move around a lot. I like to shoot these parts of the night with a wide angle (Canon 17-40 F4L) to ensure that I capture all of the details. Shooting with a portrait orientation allowed me to keep the bouquet in the frame.


This is the second wedding that I have been to where they have played the shoe game. There are always some funny moments. 

Photographer's Note: I know I know, Im starting to make this a little repetitive. Bare with me, this post is not over.


Taking a step back to the ceremony. How cool are those trees!? Also, I love mom's expression in this photo.

Photographer's Note: This photo was naturally lit by the crazy lights in the room. See what I was talking about with the chandeliers? Yeah, thank the lord for RAW. Shot with my 50mm f1.2 (I rarely use anything else) 


Dad vs. Dad! Family formals always end up with a couple goofy photos in the middle.

Photographer's Note: The lighting in this photo is a little bit weird. I had an alienbee shooting through a large softbox behind me (As you can see in the mirror. that mirror.... I hated that mirror but it was the best spot to shoot while it was 110 degrees outside) and an alienbee through a reflector pointed into the corner camera right. Shot with a Canon 17-40 F4L.


I love this candid moment from the bridals. 

Photographer's Note: I shot this with natural light coming from the window with, you guessed it, my 50mm. I shot this photo while Jacob was shooting with the Alienbees.


Here we have the groom sitting in front of childhood photos of him and his bride.

Photographer's Note: 50mm....


The petals of the bouquet are made from pages of a harry potter book. It really doesn't get better than that!

Photographer's Note: I shot this photo with my Tamron 70-200 F2.8 MACRO. 


Who said wedding photos had to be so bright and soft? I say no! 

Photographer's Note: Shot with and Alienbee through a softbox right behind me. Canon 17-40 F4L. 


I love this beautiful moment between the bride and her mother. Unfortunately, this moment was ended by the two of them getting snagged on each other by an earring malfunction.

Photographer's Note: Natural Light, There were so many lights in this area that I had plenty to work off of and it was soft enough. I didnt want to change the color temp because thats how it looked in real life.


We took a million photos of the dress but this one stands out to me. 

Photographer's Note: Shot with a Canon 17-40 F4L. I wanted to include the rest of the room because I really played into the theme of the wedding.


Thats it for this wedding! Let me know what you think by commenting below! 


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