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Congrats Chris and Chelsea!

September 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I had a wonderful time at Chris and Chelsea's beautiful wedding in Dayton, Ohio. It was a nice change of pace to work in a very green venue with a lot of grass and trees. I hope you enjoy the photos below.


Waiting. Here is a photo of Chris (Groom) waiting at a bench before the first look. 

Photographer's Note: Shot with my 50mm F1.2. There was so much tree cover in this venue, making it very easy to capture some great natural light portraits. I positioned him on the end of the bench slightly tilted to his right so that I wasnt getting a side profile shot. I had him looking into the distance to create a the sense of waiting. 


First Look. Gotta love his reaction in this one.

Photographer's Note: When I set up the first look, I have them back to back about 8 feet apart. I then will kind of hype him up by telling him how beautiful she looks and then I kind of drag on the count before he can turn around so that when he finally does, you get a more explosive response.


Bridals. This venue was beautiful and I hope I have the chance to work there again in the future.

Photographer's Note: I shot this with my Tamron 70-200mm f2.8. I wanted to get the compression that my 50mm does not offer. 


The girls. They all looked so beautiful and Im really excited about how well these photos came out.

Photographer's Note: Shot with my 50mm. Natural light (The tree cover really made things so much easier) Having the bridesmaids looking in at the bride emphasizes the focus on the bride.


Anticipation. This was taken just moments before the ceremony began. Chis was pretty anxious before the ceremony which made it super funny when he told me "woah! that was super easy!" right after the ceremony. Congrats again buddy.

Photographer's Note: This shot actually wasnt posed. He was just kind of getting in the zone and I snapped this. 


Reading. One of the bridesmaids did a reading during the ceremony.

Photographer's Note: Shot with my 50mm. It can be tricky getting these shots and getting everyone in the frame. I really like the bokeh in the back. It really pulls the subjects out of the image.


The first kiss. I love how strong and intimate this moment is. There just feels like there is so much suspense and passion trapped in the negative space between the two of them.

Photographer's Note: Shot with my 50mm. I know traditionally you are supposed to shoot the first kiss from the perspective of the audience but I really like this perspective.


Party! Shot on the limo on the way to the reception. 

Photographer's Note: This shot was tough. I snapped atleast 15 shots and this was the only one where there was not interference of some kind with the bride and groom's faces.


Dad and Daughter dance. I love this moment. This whole wedding was full of energetic fun-loving people. 

Photographer's Note: This reception hall was a nightmare to shoot in. It was beautiful, dont get me wrong but behind the camera it was tough. There was this huge pink light that covered the ceiling. It was a thing of nightmares to white balance. I shot this with a Neewer speedlite bounced off the ceiling.


The groom and I. Thanks again Timothy Brown for shooting this wedding with me. You rule dude.


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