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The Benefits of a Backyard Wedding

November 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The Backyard wedding. Man, I love these events. They are always so intimate and fun. While a lot of brides grow up dreaming about a big fairy tale wedding, at some point, for some women, that is not what they want. I have worked all kinds of weddings ranging from different cultures, venues, ages, size, etc... and I have never worked a wedding that didn't seem to reflect the personality of the bride and groom. Out of all the weddings that I have had the pleasure of being a part of, the backyard weddings have always really captivated me. If you are planning your wedding, I encourage you to look into the idea of a backyard wedding. This post will contain all of the information you need to decide of this is for you or not. Enjoy. (If you have any questions, please comment below!)


To start this off, I am going to address the concerns that couples have about backyard weddings. One of the main concerns is that they will miss out on beautiful locations for formal photographs. That simply is not true. One of the main benefits of a backyard wedding is the cost. When you are able to keep the costs low, you may be able to free up a portion of your budget for a great photographer. A good photographer can work with really any situation and create beautiful images. The photo taken above was taken in an undeveloped spot in this neighborhood. To many, this location would be pretty ugly but we were able to create a beautiful soft portrait of the stunning bride. 


One of the other concerns is actually a super easy fix. That being said, this seems to be the main concern that turns couples off from backyard weddings. "I dont have enough cups, chairs, tables, plates, etc.. and I don't want to buy it all". That is a simple fix. Rent it all! There are all kinds of companies that have beautiful furniture, plates, etc.. for rent. One in particular is Classic Party Rentals ( They have locations all over the place and their prices are great! This way, you might need to rent a Uhaul for a day or two to load everything in and out. This would actually save you a couple thousand dollars compared to booking your wedding at a big venue. 


Ok, thats all of the cons. Yeah, I know. Thats it! Now on to the good stuff. When you have a backyard wedding you have more freedom to make it completely your own. While you are giving up paying more for the wedding in exchange for more work on your end, it allows you to really let your personality shine. Every backyard wedding I have done has been completely different.  You can decorate with trinkets you find at craft shows, hobby lobby, and really anywhere you want. Think of a backyard wedding as you temporarily creating your own dream venue. Imagine when your guests walk in, they will see YOU, rather than just your event at a location that hosts 15 weddings a month. Now I do want to clarify that I have nothing against wedding venues. I have worked at a couple gorgeous venues with amazing staff such as SoHo63 ( and 12 West Main ( Anyways, point is, When you have a backyard wedding you have the freedom to go nuts on the decorating. 


The intimacy of the event. Unless you are hosting the event on some massive property, your wedding will be small. Probably in the range of 50-75 people. Im not sure what it is about these backyard weddings but there always seems to be super personal vibe. 


The food. Sure, you can hire a catering company. But how could you pass up on something like FOOD TRUCKS! Food trucks have come a long way in the past few years. They are no longer the questionable street meat you get at the end of a long night out on the town. Im not sure if you can read the menu on this truck but holy cow, this food was incredible. ( The other option is to cook the food yourself! If a big wedding cake just isn't your style, bake some pies. The options are endless. As for alcohol, you can just go to BevMo or Costco and buy beer, wine, liquor and maybe pay a friend $50 to bartend for the night. 


Here are a series of photos that I have taken at backyard weddings. Hopefully this information has helped. Again, If you have any questions, Please comment below.





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