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Preparing for your engagement session

October 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Congratulations on your engagement! Now, in your long (Hopefully not to stressful) journey to your wedding day, you may want to do an engagement session. These sessions are great for a few reasons. First off, it gives you a little bit of experience having professional posed photographs taken of the two of you so that you guys are pros on your wedding day! Most couples never have professional photos taken until the engagement session so it can be a little nerve-racking. Another great reason for an engagement session is to showcase to your friends and family that you guys are getting married! Come on guys! a Facebook post doesn't cut it! In this post I will outline some recommendations for how to prepare for your engagement session to ensure you get the most out of it.


1. Pick a location that suits you

I often have couples that contact me about their engagement session and when it comes to picking a spot they kind of say "We don't care, you choose". While this isn't a terrible thing (Every photographer knows great spots and what works best). If you choose a location that the two of you have a connection to (First date, proposal) these locations will bring a whole different level of a personal experience. Some couples are more "City Folk" and some are more outdoorsy. Choosing between a rural and an urban location can make a huge difference.


2. Dress for your personality

While a formal look will always yield great results, sometimes thats just not you. If you are the jeans and a t shirt type, then by all means, own it. When you are comfortable with how you are dressed it will speak volumes on your face in the photos. I would recommend not wearing crazy vibrant colors though. Thats just me though, I find that these photos look best when the color of your clothes does not distract from the image. 


3. Props are a great idea

Some of my best engagement sessions have included some sort of props. Whether you bring some paper cut outs of your wedding date or you are browsing through records at a record store, props bring a great new element to the photographs. Sure there is always room for the scripted moments of just the two of you but adding something else in the mix will earn you a lot more variety in the final collection of images. Below is a photo I took at a record store and I think these photos really give you a great look at who these two really are.

4. Bring a second outfit

It never hurts to bring some casual attire and couple it with something a little more formal. Im not saying you should bring a tuxedo or your wedding dress with you but if you brought a tie and a nice collared shirt it can go a long way. If your photographer is strict with you bringing one change of wardrobe then you have probably picked the wrong photographer. This is your special time, not ours. 


5. Relax and have fun with it

I know having your picture taken can be a bit of chore. Some people get really nervous about it. But think about it this way, how much of planning the wedding is stress-free? Let this be a chance for the two of you to take a load off and just enjoy eachother's company. If you are still really nervous before the shoot, have a drink. Yeah seriously, having one drink can really take the nerves off. The more fun you have with it, the better the photos will look.



Thanks for reading, if anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!



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