Ethan Beazley Photography | Congratulations Jeff and Karen!

Congratulations Jeff and Karen!

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Jacob and I travelled out to San Diego, CA for this wedding. I shot the engagement photos for this couple about a year ago and once they told me about their boat wedding I knew this was gonna be a good one. While it was a beautiful wedding full of great people, let me preface by saying this was by far the most challenging wedding I have ever shot. Ill explain more, shot by shot, how everything was done.


Getting ready. As always, this is the calm before the storm. Funny how a wedding day plays out. The girls always have a couple of hours set for getting ready and once its go-time everything starts moving so quickly. In this particular situation, California traffic really made things a nightmare.

Photographers note: Shot with my 50mm F1.2. The light was perfectly diffused from the window so it made for a really nice soft effect. When you are handed good light, there isn't much to complain about.


The dress. Karen's dress was stunning. 

Photographers note: Shot with my 50mm F1.2. I really like the center composition in this because it makes her even more of a focal point with her bridesmaids helping with the fitting of the dress. Just like the previous photo, the lighting was flawless.


Bridal Headshot. 

Photographers note: The background is actually a cruise boat. We shot this photo near the balcony of her hotel room. I lit this with one Alienbee B800 through a softbox camera left. I used a Tamron 70-200mm F2.8 at F2.8 so that I could retain the shallow depth of field. I used a 6 stop neutral density filter to balance the exposure with the strong flash power and I shot with a shutter of 1/60 to let in more of the natural light in the background.


Photographers note: This is the groom waiting for his bride for the first look. We shot this at Mission Bay. I shot this with my 50mm f1.2 at f2. I like the center focus because of the constant flow in the background. It may have had a different feel if I had "followed" the "rule" of thirds.


Formals? Haha this was a request by the bride and I am pleased with how it looks. Kind of shows love on a generational level.

Photographers note: Easy as cake. Good lighting. 50mm. No problem.



Photographers note: Shot with my 50mm f1.2. The lighting was a nightmare as we shot this with harsh sunlight. Parking was so bad that I had to send Jacob off to just drive around while I did these photos. I didnt have enough time to bust the Alienbees out. 



Photographers note: I like this so much because it came out like this straight off camera. I was standing on the other side of the boat and the reflections from the window kind of created the composition. 


The moment. All of the planning and anticipation comes down to this. My favorite moment during the ceremony is when Karen was reading her vows. "I always knew it was you".

Photographers note: The lighting was grim. The sun had just about gone down (This is the beginning of the ceremony, the sun was down when they kissed). 


Toasts. The toasts were great and the best toast was Karen's father's. He lives in Mexico and doesn't speak any english. (He had someone translate) "If you ever decide you don't love my daughter anymore, just ship her back via UPS". 

Photographers note: Shot with my 50mm and a speedlite on camera through a softbox. I shot at a super high ISO to get the city lights bokeh in the background.


The first dance.

Photographers note: 50mm. Speedlite on camera through a softbox.



Photographers note: I love this part of the night. Emotions are always high and its easy to grab them. 50mm. Speedlite on camera through softbox


The toss. 

Photographers note: I love the movement and expressions in this one. 17-40mm F4L. Speedlite on camera through softbox



Photographers note: 17-40mm F4L. Super High ISO. Speedlite on camera through softbox


The ride back to the hotel. Again, congrats Jeff and Karen, you were a pleasure to work with and good luck in your future together!

Photographers note: 17-40mm F4L. High ISO. Speedlite through a softbox on camera. 





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