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This past weekend I went up to the Mogollon Rim with Tyler and Danielle for their Engagement Session. I have had quite a few shoots up here but this one was different. To most, the weather was atrocious. I personally love shooting in stormy and rainy conditions. We got some really great images. Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy.



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A season in review: Fall 2016- Spring 2017

Another season in the books. Another season of growth. I am not a good couple years into my career as a Wedding Photographer and I still find myself growing more and more after each and every wedding. As someone that has worked in so many different fields of photography, I was never so consistently inspired with the work I was shooting. While I have grown a lot in the past few years, I do believe that this year really helped me find the style I have been looking for. I have really fallen in love with a dark and moody feel to my images. It is something I developed while following a lot of fine art photographers that did not necessarily photograph weddings. I do feel like this is a style that, atleast I havent seen in weddings very often. I could go on and on but I think the reason you are here is to see some pictures. Enjoy.


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Why every wedding I shoot is a "Portfolio Wedding"

Wedding Photography has opened up my eyes creatively in ways that no other genre of photography ever has. Between the beautiful locations that I am shooting at and all of the emotions of the day, I have a lot to work with. While there are plenty of ways to shoot every part of a wedding day, I am often faced with hard choices as all of these moments come and go quickly. With all of my experience, I have learned to predict a lot of these moments and it has allowed me to think through and adjust quickly as the day goes by. I always try and do something new and different at every wedding. Since I set out at the beginning of the day looking for that new opportunity I feel like I am going in to each wedding with a fresh set of eyes. This journey through wedding photography has been one of steady growth. I never want to make too drastic of a change at any given wedding because I want to stay true to the style that the couple hired me for in the first place. Here are a couple examples of how I push myself at these weddings. 


As minor of a change as it is, this photo really opened things up for me creatively. When I first started, I would just line the bridal party up and shoot as is at every wedding. The choice to have some of them sitting brought in more depth. We all hate looking stiff in photos and I think having some of them sit down made everyone more relaxed.


I am no newby to artificial lighting but in this photo I decided to gel my key light with a warming gel. I decided to white balance just a little warm from the gel and in turn it gave me a great warm tone in the foreground and a cool tone in the background.


It is really easy to go overboard when choosing to freeze motion or blur it. In this photo I made the snap decision to just slightly drag my shutter. This photo was taken at 1/40th of a second. 


Here I went overboard. When they busted out some instruments for the guests, I just had to play into the crazy.


To flare? Or not to flare? I took numerous photos with the couple eclipsing the sun and some without the sun in the frame at all. I brought the sun into the frame with the intention of letting it take over and kill out a lot of my background.


I don't usually bust out my wide angle lens until the reception but it always offers a fresh perspective.


I don't think this photo would look as good with a smaller groomsman party. 


It is not too often that I shoot at night. Seeing all of these windows and how beautiful the architecture on the walls, I had to play off of this. 


This photo kind of happened by mistake. I actually saw this angle while I was desperately looking for somewhere to stand while I had them posed there.


This photo was from a backyard wedding. While we could have set up something crazier, I decided to steer into the skid and play off the fact that it was a BACKYARD WEDDING. we just went out and took this photo on the sidewalk by their house.



Lets end it off here with my most popular photo. We had about 30 seconds to set this up and shoot it. This was taken pretty early in my career. I just wanted to shoot something that conveyed motion. 



In conclusion:

The greatest skill a wedding photographer can have is the ability to thrive in any situation. I am not talking about being able to simply figure it out and make something work but to have options no matter how rough the conditions are. 




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A look at the past

As far as my journey in photography, weddings only really represent the most recent chapter. I have been doing this for most of my life and I have been lucky to do a lot of different things with my camera over the past 15 years. Here is a brief collection of some of my photos from the past, some personal, some professional. Enjoy.


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Nick and Mariah Engaged



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Apache Trail/Canyon Lake with Koby

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Music Inspiration; January 17th, 2017

For those of you that are seeing one of these blog posts for the first time, I am often inspired by the music I am listening to. It has always been this way for me. So here is a playlist of what I have been listening to lately.




1. Colony House

2. Bad Suns

3. Car Seat Headrest

4. Dryjacket

5. The Lighthouse and the Whaler

6. Modern Baseball

7. From Indian Lakes

8. Now, Now

9. Ceres

10. Fireworks

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This Year In Review: 2016

I started my journey in photography when I was 15. I cant really remember what sparked my interest. I just remember telling my parents on the drive home from somewhere that I wanted to get into photography. I remember them looking at each other with that "Wait, really?" expression on their faces. Of course, when I first started, I had no idea what I wanted to take pictures of really and I definitely did not plan on making a career out of it. So I spent a lot of time out in the woods or exploring abandoned buildings taking pictures with my friend's Jake and Gant, who were also into photography. The years went by and I started taking photography more seriously. I worked in two different portrait studios. The first of which, was a high school senior portrait studio run by David Aldridge. David taught me classical lighting techniques. Working in a studio with flash systems was something completely new to me and I am so thankful I had the chance to learn from him. The second studio was a commercial photography studio. I was shooting and assisting on huge productions creating marketing material for restaurants, jewelry stores, and department stores. From there I started working the music industry as a photo journalist. While I mostly photographed bands and musicians for magazines, I also spent time on the road photographing the behind the scenes life of musicians. I never thought in a million years that I would ever end up photographing weddings. I always heard about how stressful they were and weddings always seemed to be kind of the black sheep of the photography industry. So here we are now, 2 years after shooting my first wedding. I am so thankful I have been able to share this journey with one of my best friends, Jacob Reynolds. As some of you know, Jacob was my second photographer and is now my trusty Video counterpart. I have had the time of my life shooting these weddings and getting to know people before, during, and after they tie the knot and say "I do". As a photographer, I am always striving to create photographs that tell a story, or tug at your emotions (Happy or sad), and ultimately, provide great people with something they can look at and love. 2016 was a monumental year for me and I am looking forward to 2017. I am looking forward to the challenges, the growth and the success both in my business as well as my talents as an artist.  - Cheers!


Here are some of my favorite photos from this past year. Enjoy.


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The Mogollon Rim with Koby and Paige


Yesterday I drove up north with Paige and Koby for some portraits in the woods. We packed up my canoe and a tent and planned to do a lot more but the harsh weather along with icy roads prevented us from making it down to woods canyon lake. The trip was not a waste though. We were able to get plenty of great photos just shooting out in the woods and also out on the cliffs at sunset. Enjoy.



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My Top 10 Records of 2016

It is that time again, my top ten list for music that came out this year. Here are my picks. Enjoy.


10. Two Door Cinema Club - Gameshow

9. Night Riots - Love Gloom

8. The Head and the Heart - Signs of Light

7. Matt Pond PA - Winter Lives

6. Field Mouse - Episodic

5. From Indian Lakes - Everything Feels Better Now

4. Blind Pilot - And Then Like Lions

3. American Football - LP2

2. Ceres - Drag It Down On You

1. Whitney - Light Upon The Lake



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Portraits with Koby

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Portrait fun with Kayley

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Congratulations Michael and Kelsey!

Hello Everyone,


It has been a while. I got a little caught up in a million different things and I haven't been doing a great job of blogging all of these great weddings. Well, thats gonna change. Expect to see more of these again. In fact, you will be seeing a whole bunch of these this week as I get caught up. Anyways, lets get into this awesome set of photos.


Kelsey and Michael tied the knot in Sedona, Arizona. Which for anyone that has been there knows, it is one of the most beautiful places in the country. Between the spectacular red mountains to the cozy weather, I enjoy any excuse I can get to go up north. Their wedding was held at  The Agave ( The Agave is a beautiful venue with panoramic views of the incredible red rocks of Sedona. Kelsey and Michael's wedding was fun, emotional and beautiful. Enjoy.


As always, music is a huge inspiration for my work and I have included a song from what inspired the work you are about to see.



Necklace. This was obviously taken right at the beginning of the day. Kelsey's maid of honor put this necklace on her.

Photographer's Note: Taken with my 50mm f1.2 at f1.8. Natural light coming directly from the window behind me. 


The Dress. Kelsey's mother helps tie up the back of her dress.

Photographer's Note: Taken with my 50mm f1.2. Natural light coming directly from the window behind me


Quick Bridal Portrait. We shot this off right before we left to head over to The Agave.

Photographer's Note: Taken with my 50mm f1.2. Natural light


Table Decor.

Photographer's Note: Taken with my 50mm f1.2. Natural light


Almost show time. Michael adjusting his cuff right before he walks down the isle.

Photographer's Note: Taken with my 50mm f1.2. Natural light from the window. We had some occasional cloud cover so we had a little bit of a back and forth in the available ambient light when shooting indoors.


Giving her away. I think my favorite part of weddings is seeing some of the emotional family moments. Getting married is a huge milestone for a couple but it is also a really important moment for family. 

Photographer's Note: Taken with my Tamron 70-200mm f2.8. Natural light. You will see what I mean about the wildly inconsistent cloud cover in the next photo compared to this.


That scenery... Sedona is one of my favorite places to visit and you can get an idea as to why in this image. If anyone from The Agave is viewing this, I tip my hat to you, your venue is gorgeous.

Photographer's Note: Taken with my Tamron 70-200mm f2.8. Natural light. These clouds would come and pass by the second so metering back and forth became a bit of a pain but this was one of the rare instances where the direct sunlight still looked great.


The License. 

Photographer's Note:  Canon 50mm f1.2. Taking photos of the signing is usually a bit lack-luster. However, in this situation I had incredible light and the subjects framed the shot perfectly.


The Girls.

Photographer's Note: Canon 50mm f1.2. Alienbee B800 through a large softbox directly behind camera set high and directed down. 

The Newly Weds. 

Photographer's Note: Shot with an assortment of lenses and all of this is natural light.


The Newly Weds with their best friends who also happened to be the best man and the maid of honor.

Photographer's Note: Canon 50mm f1.2 Natural Light


The First Dance.

Photographer's Note: Canon 50mm f1.2. Speedlight bounced off the ceiling to the right.

Grandfather Granddaughter Dance.

Photographer's Note: Canon 50mm f1.2 Speedlight bounced off the ceiling to the right. I cranked my ISO to allow more ambient light in from behind them.


Mother Son Dance.

Photographer's Note: Canon 50mm f1.2. Speedlight bounced directly off the ceiling.



Photographer's Note: Canon 17-40mm F4. Speedlite bounced all over the place.


I hope you enjoyed this set of photos. Leave me a comment! I would love to hear what you guys think.


Thank you,


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Musical Inspiration 5/26/16

It's been a while. I have been doing a lot of traveling and havent been able to update the blog as much. Here's some of the music that I have been drawing inspiration from lately. More blog posts from weddings, sessions, and more coming soon. Enjoy.


1. EL VY


2. Whitney


3. Big Thief


4. Telekinesis


5. Dear and the Headlights


6. The Last Royals


7. CooBee Coo


8. Last Dinosaurs


9. Walla


10. Bear Hands

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Allen and Jamie's Engagement Session

I met Jamie at the Phoenix Bridal Show back last September. When I met with her and Allen, they expressed that they wanted to do their engagement photos up in Sedona. If you have never been, GO. I loved how every one of these turned out. Enjoy.


As always, heres a song to listen to as you browse.


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Congrats Steph and Krys!

This couple was a delight to work with at both their engagement session and their wedding. They held their wedding at the beautiful Secret Gardens in South Phoenix. Between the beautiful vows spoken at their ceremony to the rambunctious reception, I hope you enjoy these photos.


As always, heres a song to listen to as you view the photos.


The Bride.

Photographer's Note: 50mm F1.2 Natural Light. Shooting with window lighting can be pretty tough for a number of reasons. Sometimes with the subject to heavily silhouetted it can make focusing a bit of a pain. Also, It brings in the old debate of flash? or no flash? Sure I could have added flash and I would have gotten a "technically" better photo but I have found that more often than you would think, it is better to just go with your gut rather than conventional wisdom. If I had brought in flash, it wouldnt have made the natural light nearly as prominent. 

The Bride.

Photographer's Note: 50mm F1.2L Natural light. Yeah I know what you are thinking, "You should have added flash so the photo wouldnt be so dark" Well, you know what I think? I think the wedding industry is far too over saturated with the bright soft look. That isnt what it looked like in this room, So why fake it?


Here comes the bride. How amazing is Krys's reaction to seeing steph for the first time in her dress?!

Photographer's Note: Tamron 70-200 F2.8. Natural Light. When you are shooting the ceremony it is really important to have a lens that zooms. While I do prefer the look of a prime lens, sometimes you have to have the versatility of zoom.

The ceremony.

Photographer's Note: Tamron 70-200mm F2.8. Natural Light.


Sun Kissed.

Photographer's Note: Tamron 70-200mm F2.8 Natual Light.



Photographer's Note: 50mm Natural light.

The Bridal Party.

Photographer's Note: 50mm Natural Light.


The Brides

Photographer's Note: 50mm Natural light.


The First Dance.

Photographer's Note: 50mm F1.2 Speedlite bounced off the ceiling.



Photographer's Note: Tamron 70-200m F2.8. Alienbee B800 in oppositte corners bounced off the walls. 7" Reflector mounted on each. 

The Toss.

Photographer's Note: 50mm F1.2L Speedlite bounced off the ceiling. I chose a slow shutter of 1/30th of a second for two reasons. Mainly so I could pan and get that motion blur but also to bring in all the ambient light and get everything from the background out.


Photographer's Note: 50mm F1.2L Speedlite bounced off the ceiling.



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Congrats Jeff and Brenna!


I met Jeff and Brenna when they hired me for their engagement session at the Botanical Gardens. I really enjoyed their wedding at the beautiful Superstition Manor. 


As always, heres a song to play as you view the photos. 


The Dress.

Photographer's Note: Canon 5d Mark II with a Canon 17-40mm F4L. Natural Light. The only source of light came from the windows. The lighting was soft but still dramatic so I saw no need to add more light.


The First Look. Gotta love Jeff's reaction.

Photographer's Note: Canon 5D Mark II with a Canon 50mm F1.2L Natural Light from the windows and ceiling lights.


And it begins.

Photographer's Note: 50mm F1.2L Natural Light. I got real lucky with the overcast. 

Bridesmaids. I love that they were holding hands during the vows.

Photographer's Note: Tamron 70-200 F2.8 Natural Light

First kiss at the base of the Superstition Mountains

Photographer's Note: Tamron 70-200mm F2.8. I cranked my aperture down to f6.3 to get more detail in the mountains. I know its not a lot at all but at f2.8 the mountains were just a creamy blurry mess.

The Bridal Party. 

Photographer's Note: Canon 17-40 F4L this was a big bridal party but it was made easy work with this lens. Natural light. Gotta love those overcast days. Its not that I dont like using my alienbees, its just that after shooting so many weddings, you realize how much of a hassle and how much time it can take setting them up. If natural light is working then why mess with it?

Grandma Ragin'

Photographer's Note: Canon 17-40 F4L with a speedlite bounced off the ceiling. I shot this at a really high ISO and a slower shutter to bring in as much ambient as I could. 

Best Man's Speech

Photographer's Note: Canon 50mm F1.2L with a speedlite bounced off the ceiling 

Garter toss.

Photographer's Note: Canon 50mm F1.2L. Speedlite off the ceiling.


Photographer's Note: I know this isnt as sharp as it should be but I still like it. Sometimes a photo doesnt need technical perfection to be a good photograph.

Always a Bridesmaid.

Photographer's Note: 50mm F1.2L speedlite off the ceiling. 

You should probably be able to figure out whats going on here. This is supposed to be the garter toss.

Photographer's Note: you already know. 

Groom's speech.

Photographer's Note: 50mm speedlite off the ceiling. shot at f2

This guy.

Photographer's Note: 50mm natural light. (My second shooter, Luigi, took this.)

Sparklers. You never realize how drunk a group of people are until you put fireworks in their hands and tell them to line up....

Photographer's Note: Canon 50mm F1.2L shot at F2. Speedlite on camera through a softbox. ISO 2000. Shutter 1/30. Bracketed two stops under exosed. Brought in the light on the bride and groom in post.


Thanks for viewing, reading, please leave a comment with your thoughts!





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Musical Inspiration; January 2016


Here we are. Another year, and another musical inspiration post. I hope you enjoy.


1. Benjamin Francis Leftwich

2. Wake Owl

3. Matthew and the Atlas

4. Avalanche City

5. Dresses

6. Great Lake Swimmers

7. Rural Alberta Advantage

8. Tokyo Police Club

9. Turnover

10. Moving Mountains


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Tips For Aspiring Wedding Photographers

Considering a career in Wedding Photography? Not long ago, weddings were kind of the black sheep of the photography community. It was always kind of meant on camera direct flash and cheesy posing. Today the industry is changed. Now, it is about being striking and unique. Aside from the typical "You need to be unique blah blah blah", here is an article with practical and important advice to anyone considering becoming a wedding photographer. I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below.

Tips on becoming a Wedding Photographer:


1. Know your equipment: This is the big one. It is one thing to look down at your camera and not have the results you want but its a whole different issue to not know why. Im not talking about knowing how to change the ISO or even what the custom functions do. Im talking about what your lenses are capable of. How to work your speedlites or strobes. How to sync everything. A major aspect of being a wedding photographer is having to work quickly and improvise. If you don't know how to do that, you will find yourself in a world of stress.

2. Look at other photographer's work: This part can really apply to any photographer. When you are getting in to the industry, the easiest way to see what clients are looking for is by finding what other photographers are offering. Do your research. Learn how other photographers are lighting a scene or how they pack their equipment.

3. Second Shoot for someone: This can be extremely helpful. Now, as a second shooter, you are not "shadowing" the primary photographer, you are actually there to work and fill in the gaps that they cant capture. Watch how the photographer shoots but also pay close attention to how they interact with their clients. Second shooting is also a great opportunity for those of you who are tentative about shooting weddings. You could pick up a second shooting gig at a week's notice whereas, if you are the primary shooter, you will likely get booked a year in advance. At that point, there is no turning back. 

4. Clothes: Yeah I know, this one seems silly to include but trust me, this makes a big impact on your experience. Dress up as nice as you possibly can without giving up on comfort. The big one is getting comfortable shoes. It will blow your mind how much running around you will do on the wedding day. Cheap shoes are going to leave you so sore that you may never want to do it again. Oh yeah, and wear a tie. Nothing is more tacky than a dress shirt tucked in without a tie. 

5. Backup Camera Body: This is equally as important as #1. You never know what is going to happen at a wedding. (I caught on fire once. Dead serious). Anything can happen, you could have your camera bumped out of your hands or something could get spilled on it. Be prepared. Your backup body doesnt have to be as good as the primary body as long as if it had to, it could get the job done. 

6. If you don't know how to use flash, LEARN: Sure, natural light is cool and all but you will rarely have the luxury of perfect lighting all day long. Your lighting can be simple speedlites on camera bounced off of walls and ceilings or strobes with softboxes and stuff. Point is, even if you are big on natural light, be prepared to use flashes if you have to. 

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A Floral designer’s advice on the best flowers for your wedding.

Planning a wedding can be a truly stressful ordeal. I have only ever seen this from a photographer's perspective so I asked Anna Starkey to share some insight on picking floral arrangements for weddings. Anna Starkey is the owner/designer of Fleurt, a home-based wedding studio in Mesa. She has been in the floral industry for 22 years and is an Arizona Master Florist. She has won Arizona State Designer of the Year in 2010 and 2015. She has also competed in the California Top Ten and came in 3rd and has been an exhibitor in the annual Phoenix Arts & Flowers at the Phoenix Art Museum where she has won both Best Floral Interpretation in 2011 and Most Creative in 2013. You can contact her at, follow her on Instagram at @fleurtaz and on Facebook under "Fleurt Floral Art".



Nowadays, it seems the choices of flowers are quite limitless, and for some it can be a bit overwhelming. You want your bouquet to be memorable, photogenic and to reflect your style and personality, but you also want to stay within your budget. I feel that you can have the best of both worlds as long as you are realistic and give your wedding floral designer a little artistic license.

I have a list of the top 10 flowers that I like using in wedding designs and what the pros and cons of using these flowers may be.


#1 – The Rose. It’s a timeless classic, comes in a multitude of colors and holds up quite well in bouquets and décor. The open cut and garden varieties are especially lovely and romantic. And when compared to some of the other popular flowers out there, can be quite cost effective.

#2 – The Peony. This bloom is a stunner! But it is also a seasonal flower and can be quite expensive. If this is a must on your list, check which time of year it is available (mainly late Spring, early Summer) and plan your date accordingly. A very regal and distinctive flower.

#3 – Ranunculus. Also a seasonal flower but less expensive than it’s showy counterpart above, it is a charming little bloom and can add a fresh and fun splash to your wedding look.

#4 – Calla Lilies. Elegant, modern, clean lines. This flower is one of my favorites, it holds up very well in design work, even without water for quite a while! And if you are wanting to incorporate black into your color scheme, this is one of those flowers that comes naturally in a black or deep plum palette.

#5 – Hydrangea. Big and lavish! A single bloom can be as big as your hand, they are available all year, and are one of my favorite blooms to use as a base of the bouquet and nestle all the other blooms within. Limited colors available (White, blue, pink and purple)

#6 – Orchids. Unusual and exotic look, many sizes and shapes and available all year round, but these do tend to be pricey as well. 

#7 – Dahlias.  “A symbol of a commitment bond that lasts forever” these spiky, luscious blooms are quite the wild card. These beauties come in a variety of colors, but also are very seasonal (late Summer to Fall) and can be very short-lived and heat sensitive.

#8 – Tulips. “Perfect love”. These colorful, fresh, springy bulb flowers are the perfect complement to a spring wedding, but are actually available almost all year long. Budget friendly and great for a modern floral statement.

#9 – Succulents. No, they are not actually a flower, but they are super hot right now! They hold up great, and their funky, organic rosettes create a memorable style trend for years to come.

#10 – Protea. Another unique flower, exotic and textural. This is also an expensive flower, but just a few blooms can create a visually stunning look for that wild, boho bride.

Of course, there are many more flowers available, in all colors, textures, sizes and shapes. So to choose the right combination, you may want to do some research on your own before your initial meeting with your florist. Magazines, Google, Blogs, Pinterest and Instagram are all good outlets to see countless number of bouquets, just keep your color scheme and budget in mind. Also when choosing a bouquet, remember, the bigger, the heavier, you will have to hold your flowers for quite a while during photos and throughout the day. Your dress can also determine the shape and style of your bouquet and the venue can lead you as well, depending on whether it’s a garden setting, resort or an industrial building as to the type of decorations needed. Once you have a basic idea decided upon you can set up an initial consultation with a florist. Make sure you bring your wedding inspiration photos, color swatches, and anything else you want to show or talk about, your florist will need to know all the details, as in the number of bridesmaids, family members that will wear flowers and the number of tables that will require centerpieces and your budget to accommodate all these needs.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and to make sure you are dealing with a reputable vendor, always check out their reviews and ask to see a portfolio (or you can check them out on their social media as well).  And if you are still a bit unsure, let your professional guide you to what your best bets will be, give them a little artistic freedom and let them wow you on your big day. Some of my favorite and most memorable bouquets were the ones where the bride gave me little instruction, just the colors and general style. Don’t forget, florists love flowers and we want to make your wedding day one to remember and to cherish always. Cheers!



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